Mt. Kailash trek and Saga Dawa Festival 2017
Dates: June 1st – June 16th, 2017

Mt. Kailash, which is known as the Precious Jewel of Snows in Tibetan, is considered by Buddhists to be the abode of the deity Chakrasamvara. It is said that if one does 108 circumambulations, one will reach enlightenment. The great Tibetan poet-saint Milarepa once declared, “There is no place more powerful for practice, more blessed, or more marvelous than this. May all pilgrims and practitioners be welcome!”

We offer three options of entry:
1. By plane from Chengdu, China;

2. By train from any city in China;

3. By plane from Kathmandu, Nepal.


  • Lhasa,  the cradle of Tibetan civilization
  • Holy lakes Manasarovar, Yamdrok and Peiku Tso
  • Saga Dawa Festival 2017
  • 3 Day Mt. Kailash Trek
  • Ancient Guge Kingdom


  • 16-day trip begins and ends in Lhasa
  • 15 nights in hotels and guesthouses
  • Altitude from 3000-5600m

Tour Costs


  • 01.06.2017 – 16.06.2017