2014 Tour of Qinghai Lake International Cycling Race

  Date: July 6th – July 19th, 2014 Location: Qinghai Province, Gansu Province and Ningxia Province Stages of the tour :   Stages of the Tour: Stage: 1 – 6 July : Xining Stage: 2 – 7 July : Duoba – Datong Stage: 3 – 8 July : Huzhu – Xihai Stage: 4 – 9 More »

Top 10 trekking tours in Tibetan Plateau

The stunning high-altitude landscapes of Tibet offer great opportunities for trekking. Whether you are interested in climbing mountains to visit remote monasteries, riding horses across the vast grasslands, hiking through national parks, or circumambulating holy snow mountains, Tibet has something for you. No matter your skill level, if you are interested in trekking in Tibet, More »

The Eight Auspicious Symbols of Tibetan Buddhism

In Tibetan it’s called Tashitakgyad, The eight auspicious symbols are the most well known group of Buddhist Symbols, and are traditionally listed in the order of : 1). White Parasol ; 2), a pair of golden fish ; 3), a treasure vast; 4). A lotus ; 5), a conch shell ; 6), Enless Knot or More »