Explore Alpine Meadows and Snow-Capped Peaks

Kawa Karpo, one of the holiest snow mountains in Tibet, is said to be the spiritual home of a warrior god. Situated on the border of Dechen County in Yunnan and Chayul County in the Tibet Autonomous Region, Kawa Karpo is considered an essential part of the Three Parallel Rivers Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Step by step, SnowLion Tours will take you deep into the region of Mt. Kawa Karpo, considered by Buddhists to be holy, and raved by early western visitors as a paradise. On this trek, meet friendly, curious Tibetan pilgrims, and take in fantastic views of the southern Yangtze River.


  • Trekking Mt. Kawa Karpo
  • Three Parallel Rivers Park
  • The Old Town of Lijiang


  • 22-day trip begins and ends in Kunming, China
  • 9 nights in hotels, 12 nights camping
  • Altitude from 3500-6000m

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  • May-Octobe