In Tibetan folklore, the Snow Lion is a mythical animal that resides in the Eastern Himalayas. The Snow Lion has a youthful, vibrant energy and a natural sense of delight. Its fur is pure white and its flowing mane is the color of Tibetan turquoise.  The Snow Lion symbolizes fearlessness and victory over all obstacles.

In Buddhism, the Snow Lion is the protector of the Buddha.  In paintings and sculptures, the Snow Lion appears supporting the thrones of various Buddhist deities, symbolizing the strength and bravery of those with perfect wisdom and compassion. As for the SnowLion Tours logo, the Snow Lion represents our commitment to the preservation of Tibetan culture and the courageous spirit necessary to venture into unknown lands.

The turquoise lion dwelling in space,
He has the body of a snake
Yet like a bird he soars in the sky!
He is neither snake, nor bird, nor in between!
He is the Turquoise lion.

Song of Ngakpa Tsodruk Rangdrol Shabka Rinpoche