Ancient Tribes and Local Traditions

Traveling across three provinces, this journey explores the unique cultural heritages of ancient tribes living in Eastern Tibet. Visit the famous lakes and monasteries of Amdo, the meditation caves of hermit monks, and the Batang grasslands. Offer a stone carving to the largest mani stone pile in the world, visit a traditional printing house in the cultural capital of Kham, and learn the legend of the black cranes at Napa Lake. Travel to Shangri-la and then on to Lijiang, where the locals maintain an ancient water-supply system of great complexity and ingenuity.


  • Amdo, Kham, and Dongba cultures
  • Ancient water supply system of Lijiang
  • Mani stone pile of Jyekundo


  • 15-day trips begins in Xining, China, and ends in Lijiang, China
  • 14 nights in hotels
  • Average altitude of 3500m

Tour Costs


  • Year-round