An Adventure Deep into the Rugged East

The heartlands of Kham feature ranges of snow mountains, virgin forests, verdant grasslands, and ancient tribes of Tibetan warriors. On this trip, visit remote monasteries and fields of blooming flowers along the shores of turquoise lakes. Travel to a distant Khampa town where an enormous pile of stone carvings featuring Buddhist prayers draws pilgrims from all over the plateau. Barter with nomads in the local market, watch traditional scripture printing at the parkhang, and taste traditional food in the fortress-like homes of the Gyarong tribe.


  • Qinghai Lake, the biggest lake in China
  • Dege traditional Tibetan printing house
  • Mountain meditation caves
  • Ancient Monasteries, virgin forests, snow capped mountains


  • 17-day trip begins in Xining, China, and ends in Chengdu, China
  • 16 nights in hotels
  • Average altitude of 3500m

Tour Costs


  • Year-round