Route: Xining ⇒ Kumbum Monastery ⇒ Qinghai Lake ⇒ Xinghai ⇒ Jyekundo/Yushu ⇒ Nangchen ⇒ Matoi/Maduo ⇒ Source of Yellow River – Lake Kyaring and Lake Ngoring ⇒ Xining

One of the traditional names for Eastern Tibet is Chushi Gangdruk, which means “The Land of Four Rivers and Six Ranges”. On this natural journey, travel to the source of the Yellow River, visit the largest lake in China, and meet monks and lamas that meditate in caves. From a mountain pass, take in the view of two sister lakes and then continue on to a hard-to-reach, colorful Khampa town. At last, visit the sacred Drakar Dredzong, the monastery known as the monkey kingdom in the white rocky mountains.


  • Qinghai Lake, the biggest lake in China
  • Hermit monks living in meditation caves
  • Source of the great Yellow River
  • Nangchen, Yushu area


  • 11-day trip begins and ends in Xining, China
  • 10 nights in hotels
  • Average altitude of 3700m

Tour Costs


  • Year-round