Singing, Dancing, and Horse Racing

Deep in the heart of Kham, Tibetans gather every summer to attend the spectacular Yushu Horse Festival. Colorful Tibetan tents surround the grassy racing grounds and more than ten thousand people come together to join in the festivities. Shows of horsemanship skills, including archery on horseback and racing, are the main events. Tibetans from different regions perform their local songs and dances and women compete in traditional Tibetan fashion shows. Out of all the horse festivals in Tibet, the one in Yushu is by far and the largest and most famous.


  • Horse and Yak Racing
  • Tibetan Dancing
  • Historic Sites around Yushu


  • 12-day trip begins and ends in Xining, China
  • 11 nights in hotels
  • Altitude from 3000-4200m

Tour Costs


  • Tour Start Date: July 20
  • Horse Festival Start Date: July 25