The Chimphu Nunnery and Hermitage caves are located  above Samye Monastery about 16km to the northeast. We can drive all the way to the nunnery or hike from Samye Monastery.

Chimpu hike in Tibet
The view from Chimpu caves

Chimpu or Chimphu hermitage cave is one of the most sacred place in Tibet. It is said to be the Indian master Guru Rinpoche’s speech. This is where the Indian Master taught the Twenty-Five Disciples and where numerous disciples had profound realizations. Today, there are still over 50 or more yogis, men and women, living  in the cave and doing retreat. As we hike up to Chimphu and explore caves scattering at the mountain slope, there are many occasions to meet with them and make personal offerings.

a nun during tibet hiking
A monk is spinning prayer wheel in Chimphu nunnery

You are welcome to interact with them if they are in the moment of rest from retreat.

Tibet hiking tour
Butter lamp in Chimphu caves

Chimphu hermitage consists of many caves and each of these caves has it’s own name. The caves named after the famous yogis who first retreat in the cave. The famous caves are Drakmar Keutsang cave where Guru Rinpoche bestowed the first Vajrayana empowerment to his eight disciples including Yeshe Tsogyal who is a famous female Yogis in Tibet, Tsogyal Zimpuk cave where Yeshe Tsogyal practice her consort, Atsara Sale. Jigme Linpapa’s cave where he received the Longchen Nying tek transmission in the 18th century. etc.

Chimphu nuns
Chimphu nuns are playing Buddhist Music instrument in the morning prayer session

This is not only a great place for people who are interested in meditation, retreat, yoga and related subject of Tibetan Buddhist,  it’s also an amazing place for doing a day hike from Lhasa. Driving along the Yurlung valley next to the Yurlung Tsangpor River and hike up to Chimphu which takes about 2-3 hours one way. The vast Yurlung valley is in your view all the way up to the caves. Your day will end at a beautiful sunset view along the Yurlung Tsangpo River.

Chimphu nunnery
Chimphu nunnery main prayer hall