Living in yak-hair tents on the grasslands of the Tibetan plateau, Tibetan nomads lead simple lives. In the mornings, the women milk the yaks. Afterwards, the men take the sheep and the yaks out to graze while the women stay home and make milk tea. Nomad children either help their fathers herd the animals or play with the fierce Tibetan mastiff at home. Though these dogs are tough enough to kill wolves, they are friendly with the children. In the evening, the men bring the animals home and the family comes together to eat warm noodle soup, trade stories, and pray. At night, young nomads often gather together in one tent and stay up late drinking, telling jokes, and swapping traditional riddles.


Camping with nomads

Our customers are sitting in a nomads family and having fun with this friendly family

Camping with nomads offers a unique opportunity to learn about an ancient way of life while intimately experiencing Tibetan culture. Spend a week visiting local Tibetan and Mongolian nomadic communities and try your hand at milking yaks, herding sheep, and riding horses. At the end of the day, relax while drinking butter tea, eating yak jerky, and swapping stories with the locals. Click here to see an itinerary.

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