Due to a massive earthquake in Himalayan Region in Nepal and smaller one in west of Shigatse, Tibet Tourism Bureau closed the following roads in Central Tibet:

– Shigatse to Everest Base Camp
– Shigatse to Dram / Zhangmu (Tibet-Nepal border)
– Shigatse to Western Tibet / Ngari (Mt. Kailash, Manasarovar lake, Guge Kingdom).

This happened due to there were landslides and rock falling on the roads which take some time to clear. Other reason is to give a green light for the earthquake relief. 

All groups whose Tibet Travel Permits were not issued, also can not go to Gyantse town, as no new permits to Gyantse are being issued at the present time. Therefore, all of the tourists who are planning to come to Central Tibet (Tibetan Autonomous Region) before May 15th may need to take an alternative route in Tibet. We don’t know when it will possible to go to EBC and border again, but we think it will take sometime. 

Open areas include: Lhasa, Samye monastery, Tsethang, Ganden monastery, Mindroling monastery, Drak Yerpa meditation caves, Namtso lake, as well as Reting, Drikung Til, Tedrum, Tsuprhu monasteries. Basically all areas from Lhasa to the North, as well as Lhasa surroundings are open. 

These restrictions are beyond our control. We hope that more areas would be reopen after May holidays.