Geshe Jamyang Gyatso (རྗེ་བཙུན་འཇམ་དབྱངས་རྒྱ་མཚོ་མཆོག), one of the great teacher of Penchen Lama from Labrang Monastery gave Great Kalachakra Empowerment (དུས་འཁོར་དབང་ཆེན) in Gangya Grassland near Labrang Monastery from June 27th  to June 30th, 2015. It became one of the largest Kalachakra Initiations in entire Tibet in the recent years. There were more than 10.000 tents dotted on the Gangya Grassland, estimate more than 50.000 pilgrims from all over Tibetan regions joined this event.


Photos of this Kalachakra Initiation