A Cultural and Spiritual Adventure through Far Eastern Tibet

The Tibetan Plateau is in north of Himalayas.  Tibet is also called “The Roof of the world”.  The Tibetan Cultural areas is roughly the size of Western Europe and the Tibet Autonomous Region only makes up a little less than half of that. The other two traditional provinces are Amdo in the far east and Kham in the south east, These two provinces  cover  the rest of Tibetan Plateau.  This trip covers most of important scenic and cultural highlights of Amdo region of Tibet.  Amdo is a nomadic area, but lies in a vast of plain with rich grazing land that stretches to Mongolia. On this particular journey,  explore the hidden monasteries in Amdo, experience the traditional nomadic life style and learn about monastic life in Labrang and Kumbum.  Walking in the endless grassland in Ganjia, Sangkho, Machu and Golog areas, feel the striking view of the holy mountain – Amnye Machen  and Mt. Nyambu Yultse. Finally ends the tour by visiting Qinghai Lake, the biggest salt lake in Aisa and a holy lake to the Tibetans.

You are crossing three provinces in the northwest of China in This trip which are most of Qinghai Provinces, South of Gansu Provinces and northwest of Sichuan Province.

Highlighted places and activities in this journey:

Xining – Rebkong / Tongren  – Labrang Monastery – Langmusi –  hikes and horse back treks – Mt. Nyambu Yultse – Sertar Larung Gar monastic college – Mt. Amnye Machen – Xinghai Drakar Tredzong Monastery – Nomadic family visit – Qinghai Lake – Kumbum Monastery – Xining


  • Experience the best of far Eastern Tibet
  • Visit Mt. Amnye Machen, Qinghai Lake
  • Visit Kumbum, Labrang and Sertar
  • Visit a traditional nomadic families


  • 13-day trip begins and ends in Xining, China
  • 13 nights in hotels
  • Average altitude of 3400m


Tour Costs



  • Year-round