Endless grasslands and nomadic families

Travel from the wild grasslands of Amdo to the beautiful valleys of Gyarong, Tibet. Along the way, take in stunning scenery characteristic of the Tibetan plateau: snaking rivers, rolling hills, craggy snow mountains, and picturesque valleys. Visit an artist village, ride horses with nomads, and walk on the grasslands with yak and sheep. Explore charming monasteries, an ancient castle, indigenous Bon temples, and Chinese Taoist temples. On this scenic trip, experience the poetic culture of Amdo and the impressive wooden and stone architecture of Gyarong.


  • Ancient Buddhist, Bon, and Taoist temples
  • Nomadic lifestyle
  • Optional horseback riding or hiking
  • Tibetan traditional arts and thangkas


  • 9-day trip begins Xining and ends in Chengdu
  • 8 nights in hotels and guesthouses
  • Altitude from 2200-3500m

Tour Costs


  • This route is open year-round