Hidden Monasteries and Qinghai Lake

Far from Lhasa, the East of Tibet offers untold adventures that take travelers across Amdo farmer fields and nomads grassland, over snowy mountain passes and beyond the shores of holy lake. On this journey, explore the hidden monasteries of Amdo and the largest salt lake in China, visit Tibetan traditional artists. Learn about the great Buddhist traditions of Labrang, one of the ancient monasteries that houses thousands of monks and traditional Tibetan arts in Rebkong, the cradle of Tibetan traditional artist. Driving through Yellow river and amazing Yadan landscape valleys. Travel to small, colorful villages and monasteries in the mountains.


  • Labrang Monastery
  • Qinghai Lake
  • Tibetan Arts
  • Yellow river


  • 5-day trip begins and ends in Xining, Amdo
  • 4 nights in hotels
  • Altitude from 1600-4000m

Tour Costs


  • open year-round