There have been many inquires regarding Travel to Tibet. One of the confusing thing is the Tibet Travel Permit or “Tibet Visa”. Because of many travel advisers or travel agencies out of Lhasa do not get the accurate info. Therefore, you might seen different travel info or tips online. Anyway, Tibet Travel Permit is required to obtain if you are holding foreign passport to travel to Tibet Autonomous Region. This permits has to be obtain before you reach Tibet. But if you are traveling to far west of Lhasa, Mt. Everest, Nepal border.etc. you are also required to get Alien’s Permit. Those travelers who are traveling to Mt. Kailash, Ngari, far south of Tsethang, and Chamdo region are required to apply Alien’s Permits and Military Permit.

The places not strictly closed for foreign travelers in the Tibet Autonomous Region are Far south of Tsethang and Chamdo.

Anyway, there is a big portion 60% of Tibetan Plateau is not inside Tibet Autonomous Region. These areas are Amdo and Kham Tibet, administratively under Qinghai Province, Gansu province, Sichuan province and Yunnan Province. If you are traveling in these Tibetan regions, you are not required to have a travel permits. These regions are open to all travelers, therefore you can also travel independently. However, some of the places be closed to foreign tourists from time to time. This hard to predict which places will be closed, but please drop us an email if you want to know if the areas you are about to travel is being open to foreign travelers. Anyway, there are so many amazing places you are visit in Tibetan regions without a permit. In fact, most of the beautiful photos of grassland, green mountains, lakes, traditional Yak hair tent, yaks and sheep, riding horse. homestay,etc you’ve seen online are from Amdo and Kham region of Tibet. Therefore, we recommend to travel to these regions instead of traveling to Tibet Autonomous Region.

Here are the list of places you can travel to without getting a permit.

Yunnan Province / Kham Tibet: 

Shanggri -la / Gyalthang


Sichuan Province / Amdo and Kham Tibet:

Ganzi / Gantse prefecture (Kham)

Aba /Ngawa Prefecture (Amdo)

Gansu Province / Amdo Tibet:

Gannan Prefecture

Qinghai Province / Amdo and Kham:

Guoluo / Golog/ Golok Prefecture

Yushu Prefecture

Haibei Prefecture

Hainan / Chabcha Prefecture

Huangnan / Rebkong Prefecture

Haidong Prefecture

Haixi Prefecture

Here are some recommended itineraries in Amdo and Kham:

 Trips in Amdo

Trip 1:

Day 1. Xining (capital city of Qinghai Province) – Rebkong / Tongren

Day 2. Rebkong – Labrang / Xiahe

Day 3. Labrang – Dzu / Hezuo – Taktsang Lhamo / Langmusi

Day 4. Langmusi / binglingsi Temple – Lanzhou (capital city of Gansu Province)

Trip 2:

Day 1. Xining – Kumbum Monastery – Qinghai Lake

Day 2. Qinghai Lake – Xinghai

Day 3. Xinghai – Mt. Amnye Machen / Ani Maqin Xue shan – Machen

Day 4. Machen – Ragya Monastery – Trika / Gui’de

Day 5. Gui’de – Kanbula National Park – Xining

Trip 3:

Day 1. Xining (capital city of Qinghai Province) – Rebkong / Tongren

Day 2. Rebkong – Labrang / Xiahe

Day 3. Labrang – Dzu / Hezuo – Taktsang Lhamo / Langmusi

Day 4. Langmusi – Songpan  – Jiuzhaigou National Park

Day 5. Jiuzhai Gou National Park

Day 6. Jiuzhai Gou to Dujiangyan – Chengdu (The capital city of Sichuan Province)

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Trips in Kham:

Trip 1:

Day 1: Chengdu – Danba

Day 2. Danba / explore hidden villages and monasteries

Day 3. Danba – Tagong / Lagong

Day 4. Tagong – Gantse / Ganzi

Day 5. Ganzi – Baiyu – Dege

Day 6. Dege – Yinlhun Lhatso Lake – Manigango

Day 7. Manigango – Ganzi

Day 8. Ganzi – Sertar / Serthar larung Gar

Day 9. Serthar Larung Gar – Ma’er Kang / Barkham

Day 10. Barkham to Chengdu

Trip 2.

Day 1. Kunming – Dali

Day 2. Dali – Lijiang

Day 3. Lijiang

Day 4. Lijiang – Tiger Leaping Gorge – Shanggri – la / Gyalthang

Day 5. Shangri – La  – Dechen – Mt. Kawa Karpo

Day 6. Dechen – Daocheng/Yading

Day 7. Yading – Litang

Day 8. Litang – Ganzi

Day 9. Ganzi – Sertar / Serthar

Day 10. Serthar – Pema

Day 11. Pema – Mt. Nyambu Yultse  and Ferry Lake – Jiuzhi

Day 12. Jiuzhi – Langmusi

Day 13. Langmusi – Dzu Melarepa Monument – Labrang / Xiahe

Day 15. Xiahe – Rebkong / Tongren

Day 16. Tongren – Xining

Trip 3:

Day 1. Xining – Maduo

Day 2. Zhaleng Lake and Eleng Lake

Day 3. Maduo – Chendu – Yushu / Kyekundo

Day 4. Kyekundo / Yushu : Wencheng temple, Libagou, Jigu Monastery

Day 5. Jyekundo – Gar Monastery – Nangchen

Day 6. Nangchen – Suomang

Day 7. Nangchen – Danak Monastery

Day 8. Nangchen – Dzado / Zaduo / Souce of Yangtse River

Day 9. Dzado – Qumalab – Golmud

Day 10. Gomud – Tsaka Lake

Day 11. Tsaka Lake – Qinghai Lake – Xining

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Note: all the above places and tours do not need a Travel Permits to visit. If you need more info, please contact us at: