The Amdo region of Tibet is spread across the Chinese provinces of Qinghai, Gansu, and Sichuan. The high-altitude landscape of Amdo Tibet includes sweeping grasslands, rolling green hills, and rugged snow mountains. Many Amdo Tibetans live as nomads on the grasslands, while others farm along the headwaters of the Yellow River. Amdo is host to Kumbum and Labrang, two of the most famous monasteries in Tibet. Smaller monasteries dot the countryside. Amdo is renowned for the quality of its scholars, poets, and artists.

Amdo Tibet is best for travelers interested in camping, hiking, staying with nomads, horseback trekking, shopping for traditional artwork (thangka), circumambulating the holy Mt. Amnye Machen, visiting famous monasteries, and bird watching near Qinghai Lake.

  • two_monks

    Classic Amdo

    A Great Cultural and Landscape Adventure through Eastern Tibet


    Route: Xining ⇒ Qinghai Lake ⇒ Xinghai ⇒ Matoi/Maduo ⇒ Yellow River Source ⇒ Lake Kyaring & Lake Ngoring ⇒ Mt. Amnye Machen ⇒ Gui’de/ Trika ⇒ Kumbum Monastery ⇒ Xining

    Tour Duration: 8 days

  • mask

    Heart of Amdo

    Discovering the Frontier Land


    Walking, Cultural Adventure, Easy Hiking, Optional Horseback Riding
    13 days

  • green_stupa

    The Undiscovered East

    Hidden Monasteries and Secret Valleys


    Walking, Cultural Adventure, Optional Horseback Riding
    10 days

  • black_yak

    The Old Trade Route

    Ancient Temples and Horseback Treks


    Walking, Cultural Adventure, Optional Horseback Riding
    10 days

  • Tibetan_nomads

    Himalayan Nomad Route

    Endless grasslands and nomadic families


    Walking, Cultural Adventure, Horse Riding and Tibetan Arts
    9 days

  • Tongren arts tour

    Taste of Amdo

    Hidden Monasteries and Qinghai Lake


    Walking, Cultural Adventure, Tibetan Arts, Buddhism
    5 days

  • Kumbum trip in xining

    Panoramic Amdo

    Holy Lake and Amdo famous Monasteries


    Walking, Cultural Adventure, Tibetan Arts, Buddhism
    6 days

  • Mt. Animaqing

    Amdo Overland Journey

    Well known monasteries, holy mountains and lakes


    Walking, Cultural Adventure, scenic, Buddhism
    13 days