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Including travel updates and news on Tibet and all other Tibetan region. Through our first-hand resources, we can and will provide most accurate Tibet travel news, Tibet Permits news and any other updates that relevant to travel across Tibetan Plateau.

  • Sera Monastery

    Lhasa and Surrounding ལྷ་ས

    The town of Lhasa, straddles the banks of the Kyichu River, where the valley opens out to its fullest extent. This is a city where the sacred temples and the profane have forged an uneasy co-existence. Lhasa, The Tibetan capital, is located in U-Tsang. This central region of Tibet with an altitude of 3650m/11975ft, is More »

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  • Horse back around mt. Amnye Machen

    Responsible Tourism in Tibet

    What is Eco Travel and Responsible Tourism? Responsible Tourism is tourism that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people. The pillars of responsible tourism are the same as those of sustainable tourism and ecotourism — environmental integrity, social justice, and maximizing local economic benefit. Eco travel and responsible tourism are not only More »

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  • Camping with Tibetan Nomads

    Living in yak-hair tents on the grasslands of the Tibetan plateau, Tibetan nomads lead simple lives. In the mornings, the women milk the yaks. Afterwards, the men take the sheep and the yaks out to graze while the women stay home and make milk tea. Nomad children either help their fathers herd the animals or More »

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  • Tibetan Mandala Art

    Tibetan Mandala དཀྱིལ་འཁོར

    Mandala or དཀྱིལ་འཁོར་in Tibetan is a circular diagram, highly technical and precise, representing an idealized Tantric Buddhist, it also used in Hindu or Bon Meditational Deity and surrounding idealized universe. The name of Mandala is a Sanskirt which means cosmogram or world in harmony.  Mandalas usually are painted on cloth,  walls of monastery or temple, More »

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  • mt. Amnye Machen trek

    Tibet Holy Mountain Treks

    For centuries, Tibetans have been traveling to holy mountains as an act of pilgrimage. In Buddhism, pilgrimage refers to the journey from ignorance to enlightenment, from preoccupation with material concerns to a deeper awareness of the interconnectedness of all life. In Tibetan, the word for pilgrimage, nekhor, means to circle around a sacred place. Through circling More »

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  • Packing List for Travelling to Tibet

    We have received many inquires regarding what to bring for their Tibet trip.  Tibet is a very unique place by culturally and geographically, so we made this Tibet Packing list for your reference. When packing for Tibet, there are two main ideas to keep in mind. One, pack light. Two, layer your clothes. Tibet sits More »

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  • How to plan a trip to Tibet – Travel Advice on Tibet

    In the mind of most travelers, Tibet is a remote region tucked away in the Himalayan mountains. Long isolated from the rest of the world, Tibet was a forbidden land impossible to enter. But now Tibet is easier to access than ever. Here’s some advice on getting there. Tibet Travel Permits All travelers to the More »

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  • The Qinghai-Tibet Train

    Tibet Train Ticket

    Since the Qinghai – Tibet Railway opened in 2006, millions of travelers have taken the train into Lhasa. The railway travels through remote areas of eastern and northern Tibet, across frozen plains, and over high mountain passes. In addition to offering passengers a glimpse of the incredible scenery of the Tibetan plateau, the train also More »

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  • China visa info

    Most up-to-date info on China visa

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  • Yurlung Tsangpo River in Tsethang and Samye

    Tibet Travel Permits updates

    The most up-to-date info on Tibet Travel Permits and Tibet travel regulations in 2014 Restricted areas of Central Tibet:  When you make a travel plan to Tibet, it is essential to get up to date information about government regulations and policy. Tibet Travel Regulations are can be changed at any time with out any prior More »

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