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  • Khampa girl

    Lhasa city will be closed for foreign Tourists at the beginning of September 2015

    Tibet Tourism Bureau officially stopped issue Tibet Travel Permits at the beginning of September after a meeting on Wednesday (Sept 19th). The exact dates are from September 1st til September 12th.  Those groups which are registered at TTB before Shoton Festival still could go to Tibet. However, these groups CAN NOT stay inside Lhasa during More »

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  • Central Tibet is closed from September 1st 2015

    Tibetan Autonomous Region will be closed to all foreign tourists from September 1st. Although there is no official information at the moment, it will probably be reopen in 7 or 1o days.

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  • Rebkong Shaman Festival

    Labrang Great Kalachakra Empowerment 2015

    Geshe Jamyang Gyatso (རྗེ་བཙུན་འཇམ་དབྱངས་རྒྱ་མཚོ་མཆོག), one of the great teacher of Penchen Lama from Labrang Monastery gave Great Kalachakra Empowerment (དུས་འཁོར་དབང་ཆེན) in Gangya Grassland near Labrang Monastery from June 27th  to June 30th, 2015. It became one of the largest Kalachakra Initiations in entire Tibet in the recent years. There were more than 10.000 tents dotted More »

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  • Mt. Everest photograhy tour

    Mt. Everest Base Camp is reopen for tourists from July 1st 2015

    Dear Tibet Travelers, June 29th, Tibet Tourism Bureau and Shegar Authorities issued an announcement of reopening Mt. Everest Base Camp. The announcement states that all the travelers will be able to access to Mt. Everest Base Camp since July 1st, 2015. The alien permits to visit Mt. Everest will be issued since then. However, due More »

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  • Mt. Kailash Trip

    New Pilgrimage route open between India and Tibet

    China open second pilgrimage route to Mt. Kailash in Tibet. This route is open after an agreement between China and India made in May. The China entry point of this route called Nathu-la, a high-altitude pass between Sikkim in India and Tibet in China. Though it is ONLY for Indians to the holy sites of More »

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  • Mt. Everest North Face

    Mt. Everest Moved One Inch after Earthquake in Nepal

    The devastating earthquake in Nepal in April killed thousands of people and displaced hundreds of thousands more. And many of the world’s heritage sites are destroyed or damaged. Chinese researchers now say the earthquake was so strong that it also moved the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. The summit, which marks the border between (Tibet)China More »

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  • Tongren arts tour

    Travel to Tibetan regions without Tibet Permits

    There have been many inquires regarding Travel to Tibet. One of the confusing thing is the Tibet Travel Permit or “Tibet Visa”. Because of many travel advisers or travel agencies out of Lhasa do not get the accurate info. Therefore, you might seen different travel info or tips online. Anyway, Tibet Travel Permit is required More »

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  • Everest Base Camp

    Mt. Everest Base Camp in Tibet closed for Tourists

    May 21, 2015. Everest office of Tibet Tourism Bureau announced that in order to give a green light for the earthquake relief, Mt. Everest Base Camp will be closed for tourists until the end of June. The exact time of  reopening is still unknown, but it probably be reopen by early/mid of July. This means that More »

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  • Mt. Everest North Face

    Travel Ban on tourists in Tibet from May 12 to May 17th, 2015

    Tibet Tourism Bureau issued a new ban after the earthquake in western Tibet. Travelers are not allowed to visit the following places from May 12 to May 17th: Shigatse, Mt. Kailash, Ngari (Ali), Tsethang, Nyintri and all the regions under these prefectures jurisdiction. Which means 90% of Tibet Autonomous Region has been closed until May More »

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  • Nepal earthquake map

    Earthquake and Tibet Travel Permits

    Due to a massive earthquake in Himalayan Region in Nepal and smaller one in west of Shigatse, Tibet Tourism Bureau closed the following roads in Central Tibet…

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