Follow one of the most popular and incredible Mt. Everest and Nepal border overland tour in Tibet

Journey through the Himalayas, traveling from Lhasa all the way to the Nepal border. Starting in the Tibetan capital, explore the countless rooms of the grand Potala Palace, receive a blessing from the Jowo Buddha at the holy Jokhang Temple, and barter with locals at the lively Barkhor market. At the edges of the Lhasa valley, visit the famous Drepung Monastery and watch monks debate at Sera Monastery. Drive to the stunning, turquoise Yamdrok Lake before heading to Gyantse and the giant Buddha of Shigatse. Continue on to Mt. Everest, hike up to Base Camp, and then drive along the Himalayan ranges to the Nepal border with stop at view point of Shishapangma and Peikutso Lake. Cross the border and continue to Kathmandu or return back to Lhasa with a detour to a Bon Monastery.


  • Lhasa – the cradle of Tibetan civilization
  • Yamdrok Lake and frienship highway
  • Mt. Everest Base Camp & Nepal border
  • Mt. Shishapangma view and Peikutso Lake 
  • Tibetan people, unique culture and monasteries 
  • Wildlife, yaks and sheep


  • 7-day trip begins in Lhasa and ends on Tibet-Nepal border with the option to come back to Lhasa (+ 2 days)
  • Must see sightseeings along the friendship highway and more 
  • 6 or 8 nights in hotels and guesthouses and 1 night in a Tibetan traditional yak hair tent at Everest Base Camp. 
  • Altitude from 3600-5200m

Tour Costs

Departures in 2018

  • Group Tour:    April 29th, May 2oth, June 9th, July 5th, August 4th, September 30th
  • Private Tour: any time